My interests

I am interested in building consumer products that delight people.

I particularly like the operations that lead a team to succeed, with an obsession to understand what to build, and the organization of the iterations with laser focus, efficiency and speed of learning.

I feel very confortable with products that receive a lot of unstructured data. I like working on learning loops and developing unsupervised learning models.

Startups I have built

I’ve built 3 tech companies from zero, and have been involved in many others:

  • Chicisimo (co-founder & CEO). Fully remote. We built a digital closet app that allows women to easily digitize most of their clothes in less than 2 minutes. The closet then tells you how to combine your clothes providing (i) outfit suggestions, and (ii) showing you outfits of real women wearing the same clothes you have in your closet. It reached 5M installs, and was featured as App of the Day in 140 countries. We built an unsupervised learning model that learnt from users’ closet & outfit data, their queries and interactions, and that automatically classifies clothes and understands people’s taste. You can see the product in action, our retention, our learning model in this link 👉  
  • Strands, Inc. (VP Growth, Board director, founding team). San Francisco, US. We started in 2004 by logging people’s online music listening behaviour, and built an agnostic personalization engine on top of incoming user data. In 2007, we pivoted to logging people’s credit card payments and bank data. Through aggregation and analysis of events and their metadata, we developed personal financial management tools, and tools for banks to better target clients. We raised $55M in 2007. We sold our patents to Apple in 2012, and the company was acquired by CRIF in March 2020. You can read more about Strands in this link here 👉🏽

My Patent Portfolio

I’ve been involved in IP protection since 2004, in the fields of taste capturing, personalization and ecommerce. In the last 8 years, the focus of my 6 US patents has been to protect innovations generated from the information contained inside an image:

  1. Systems and methods to extract correlations from items in an image, from outfits and from closet;
  2. Systems and methods to link items in an image to shoppable products, what many people call today “shop the look”;
  3. Systems and methods to create unsupervised learning models, create taste graphs, and enable personalization and recommendations.

I’ve been granted 6 US patents and I have filed for a new one. You can read about them in the patent portfolio here.

My Playgrounds

I have several playgrounds that allow me to learn and play with incoming data, 3rd party tools and integrations. A couple of my latest playgrounds are related to remote extracurricular learning: Campamento de Verano Online, 101 Remote Work, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Covidcionario, No Simp September meaning, Best Zapps – Zoom Apps, Cuando esto termine. Learn about my playgrounds here.

My Posts and Readings

I’ve written about Chicisimo ups & downs; about how the Silicon Valley dream is not such; and about my experience in the former Yugoslavia post-war, Alexa SEO, our return from the US, and more. You can view those posts here and about readings that I like here.

Contact me

Find me at Linkedin, Twitter or gabriel.aldamiz Also, I’m playing with different providers of forms so I have to include one here as well 😉.