My Interests

I am interested in building consumer products that delight people, and focus on understanding taste and behaviour to create learning systems.

What I’ve built

I’ve built 3 tech companies and have been involved in many others:

  • At Chicisimo, we’ve converted a human problem (understanding fashion taste) into a computational problem. We’ve built the data infrastructure and the consumer interfaces to create an effective learning model. This model is the result of the query, outfit and interaction data from 5 million engaged users on our mobile apps, which have been featured by Apple as App of the Day in 140 countries. I’m the cofounder and CEO, and we’ve built a strong product & remote culture. You can watch an example of our products in the video below, or read further details of what we’ve built at Chicisimo, here.

  • At Strands Inc, we started in 2004 by logging people’s online behaviour, and we built a music personalization engine on top of incoming user data. We ended up building a fintech in 2007. All the IP was acquired by Apple in 2012, and the company was acquired by CRIF in March 2020. I was based in San Francisco, I was one of the cofounders, board member and in charge of growth. You can watch an example of our early products in the video below, or read further details about Strands journey and products here.

  • At Saktec Robotics, we started in the year 2000 and were the first standalone company in Europe to offer robotic simulation services to the automotive industry. We built a services company with tech components developed in-house. I was co-founder and CEO, making sure we had (i) a great team with the right tools and processes, and (ii) great clients. You can watch a video of one of our designs in the video below, or read further details about what we built at Saktec Robotics, here.

My Patent Portfolio

I’ve been involved in IP protection since 2004, in the fields of taste capturing, personalization and ecommerce.

I’ve been granted 5 US patents and you can read about them in the patent portfolio here.

My Playgrounds

I have several playgrounds that allow me to learn and play with incoming data, 3rd party tools and integrations. A couple of my latest playgrounds are related to remote extracurricular learning: Campamento de Verano Online, 101 Remote Work, No Simp September, Covidcionario, Cuando esto termine. Learn about my playgrounds here.

My Posts and Readings

I’ve written about Chicisimo ups & downs; about how the Silicon Valley dream is not such; and about my experience in the former Yugoslavia post-war, our return from the US, and more. You can view those posts here and about readings that I like here.

Where to find me

Want to tell me something privately?

I’m playing with different providers of forms so I have to include one here as well 😉.