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Feedback del mejor editor del mundo

Jim Michaels, editor durante unos 40 años de la revista Forbes y para algunos el mejor editor de negocios que haya existido, murió la semana pasada. He tropezado en el NYT con esta columna que recoge feedback que daba a los periodistas de su equipo, y algunos de sus comentarios son geniales:

“If I can’t stay awake editing this, how can a reader stay awake reading it? What’s the point? If it has a point, maybe we can make a story of it.”

“This is the kind of sentence that drives readers to stop reading.”

“Your initials are on this so I suppose you understand it,” he wrote to one of his editors. “I don’t.” Atop another article, he wrote: “Replace or run white space.”

“This is exactly the sort of lazy writer jargon that will put us out of business. Please use the rich resources of the English language.”

“Too bloody complicated. That’s not writing. Make it simple and interesting. That’s writing.”

“This is so full of holes, it’s like Swiss cheese.”

“Here’s another one I can’t understand without help from a lawyer and accountant.”

“This is a paid advertisement. Did you forget to say he walks on water?”

Comentarios cortos, claros y cortantes. Seguro que era un tipo con el que se podía aprender muchísimo.