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Our product is explanation

If you work on a consumer product, and your work requires helping people understand your product, you’ll like what CommonCraft is doing. They are a 2-person team focused on bringing simplicity to the explanation of consumer products. (Disclaimer: I don’t personally know them nor have I any interest, I simply like their work).

The first thing I like about them is their definition of their job:

Our product is explanation

We make short explanatory videos for the Web

As an example, this very well-known RSS video:

They’ve just been hired by Google, btw. If you want their help, just prepare your $25k. And of course, you are gonna have to wait at least 6 months… There is a bit of a demand for their services 😉.

All this reminds me of the first line of the first WSJ column by Walt Mossberg like 15 years ago or so: “Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it isn’t your fault“. I’d say that not only computers are hard to use… many of the services we are building are truly hard to use.

Food for thought.