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Sidebar blogging goes mainstream (or, is blogging dead?)

1.- How many of the bloggers you know are young, lets say under 25?

2.- Most bloggers seem to do so mostly for professional reasons: attention or money (extremely arguable generalization I know, but you’ll get the point I hope. As a journalist myself, I realize blogs make all of us more free)

3.- People seem to find less and less time to write in their personal blogs. It just takes too much effort.

4.- Sidebar widgets keep personal blogs alive. Fragmented content rocks, Jason tells.

5.- Blogging as we understand it does not seem to be catching up among youngsters (I mean as writers, and for non professional reasons. I know blog audiences grow and grow. And I know blogging is not dead, that is “just the title”).

6.- Never before individuals have recorded and shared their personal life so much, so easily, so happily.

7.- Everyone needs a personal page.

8.- Bookmarking, twittering, friendfeeding, stranding (just wait)… is the definitive blogging, 24/7 360° micro-self-expressing made easy. Easy to produce and to devour. “Media snacking is a way of life” Nancy sez.

9.- Sidebar widgets beat the central column. The sidebar is the central column. Sidebar blogging goes mainstream.

10.- Only text no visuals in this post. No good. Saturday night and this is what I’m doing. No good 🙂