Strands – What We Built

At Strands Inc we started in 2004 by to logging people’s online behaviour, and we built a music personalization engine on top of incoming user data. We started very early on, it was the first years of iTunes and digital music.

We built plugins for desktop (view screenshots here) and apps for Windows Mobile and Symbian. You can watch a video of the MyStrands music recommender in Symbian below, which I think is pretty cool.

MyStrands in the amazing N95. I had a prototype that Nokia gave us months prior to its public release, and it was amazing.

I remember doing a demo of our Windows mobile app to Michael Arrington in 2006, in his first office, and I remember how he wow’ed and said something like “you Europeans are crazy about mobile“. You can read Michael Arrington’s description of our early tech and product here.

During 2007 and 2008, we actually built different consumer products on top of our personalization tech. We even worked with Times Square in New Years Eve. One of those products was in finance, and that’s were we ended up focusing.

In finance, we started by building taste profiles on top of people’s credit card use (collection of payment data -> taste profiles -> recommender systems & PFM). For us, tracking music playcount data or credit card data was the same concept obviously with lots of implementation differences. We initially built both a consumer app (still available) and also deployed the service at ING, Bank of Montreal and others with $12M in 2007 revenue. The list of clients grew to more than 30 banks worldwide.

I was one of the cofounders, board member and in charge of growth. I left the company in 2009.

Strands was acquired by CRIF in March 2020 and all founders and investors sold 100% of our shares. Previous to that, in 2007 founders and early investors sold part of our shares to Grupo Zeta and in between Apple acquired all Strands patent portfolio that we developed during our first years.